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Vaudeville Feedback 2016

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Hello Vaudevillians!

We have an open door policy at the Errington Hall so your questions, comments and feedback are always welcome no matter what time of year.


Thank You for another fantastic year that couldn't be done without all the hard work of so many people, whether it be on the stage, sound, tech, behind the scenes, lighting, props, decorating the hall, making food and so much more.   We are asking for you to take a moment and fill out this questionnaire so that we can get your feedback on this amazing fundraiser for our community hall.  The questions are designed to be anonymous – we just want to hear from as many people to help keep making Vaudeville fun and sustainable for everyone involved.


NONE of the following information is required. You can include your name and email if you would like but we also want to allow for this to be an anonymous questionnaire as well. It's your choice.
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